Sunday, October 30, 2016

Bringing Back Forgotten Values

The advance of technology and consequently the creation of the modern era, caused many changes in the world, not just in the environment that surround us but also changes in the way we behave and how we communicate with each other.

The virtual world has become a big part of our lives and through it, we learned to develop certain skills such as saying meaningful words without really meaning them or even understanding them and we also learned to hide truths from each other, since doing it behind a screen is much easier... But these retrogressive skills learned did not stop in the virtual world, they expanded to life outside of the screen as well, which allowed us to act and speak in convenient insincere ways (under any circumstances), which often implies lying to get some kind of social advantage. 

Our lack of sincerity not only has distanced us from each other but also has distanced us from feeling well or working on feeling well with ourselves. Because, we feel so pressured to work on the image we expose, that we have been denying who we really are and how we really feel. 

Without sincerity, it´s not just others that feel unable to trust us, we also feel unable to trust them (even when they have no idea we´ve been insincere), because if we did trust them, sincerity would be seen as a top priority.

That way, even though we are close to each other, we feel as much distant as if we were strangers.

The modern world has also allowed us to get an amount of attention which was never possible in the past. This possibility of great attention fascinated us, to the point we forgot how it is like to be mutual. It is not just about mutual feelings, it is about mutual communication, which seems to be fading away because we only want to be known and let know.

Someone tell us they have been in pain, right away we mention our pain as well
Someone tell us about a trip they had, right away, we mention our trips as well
Someone tell us about where they study or where they work and right away we mention our studying or working area as well

Whatever happened to the
" how bad is it or where is it ? "
" how was it ? Did you enjoy it ? "
" do you like it ? what are you looking for in the future ? Tell me more about it ? " ?

Simple questions which we would like anyone to ask us and yet we do not bother using them... It is as if we do not talk anymore but simply exchange information, without interest in knowing, only interested in letting know. 

We always find time and opportunities to make ourselves known, which is not wrong but about knowing and getting to know ?

When a social connection is not mutual, it is unbalanced, lighter for one side and heavier for the other side and the whole social structure of community becomes disintegrated and filled with void.

In a world without mutuality, bonds are difficult to form and when they do, they are easily broken. Isn´t that what we have been experiencing ?

It has become very easy for us to use replacement as a way of earning a more convenient life, we replace friends of today with tomorrow´s new friends, we replace the relationships of today with tomorrow´s new relationships. It has become a cycle that has no end, we are constantly acquiring new social contacts and status and yet we are not able to keep any of them. 

Perhaps if we bring back mutuality as a principle of life, we will once again be able to form and keep meaningful aspects of social life.

Another value, we seem to have forgotten is humbleness and part of it has to do with our lack of mutuality, since we don´t form bonds, we act as being free of responsibility for what we cause. We feel in the right to be wrong and pose ourselves as right so we dont have to apologise for being wrong. It´s as if acknowledging being wrong diminish us but in fact, it´s the refusal to acknowledge that diminish us, if it didn´t, we wouldn´t look for any distraction or way of denial about it.

Coming to think about it, without mutuality we tend to be less humble towards each other and without sincerity we tend to be less mutual with each other and without humbleness we tend to be less sincere and less mutual as well. All of these absences  are interconnected, they influence one another and not rarely dictate how far one goes.

In the modern world, we humankind have chosen machines and pets over each other, to be company, friends and family members. Machines exist to be used, not taken as a personal social member, pets exist to be loved and treated with care but not to replace someone from our own kind.

Our social structure is in ruins and relationships unbalanced but if we bring back forgotten values, such as sincerity, mutuality and humbleness, we will be able to restore it and not let the world mold us but be the ones to mold the world. 

Such change starts with us, let´s not wait for it to start with someone else. Let´s bring back the forgotten values and hopefully others will do it as well. 

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