Sunday, September 4, 2016


Some believe it´s life´s negative situations that cause someone to be oppressed, oppressed with the kind of feelings and thoughts that consume energy, unlike the kind of feelings and thoughts that bring energy... Because it´s only natural for what is bad to put a heavy weight on somebody´s heart and for what is good to provide lightness. 

Although it´s all true, that weight doubles it´s heaviness when we give it energy to do so... Because in every life´s situation, reaction must be considered as much as action. Thus, actions alone, meaning life´s situation, cannot determine if there will be heaviness or lightness, they only trigger the process of us reacting in order to give in energy or to preserve and use it to achieve lightness in the best scale we can.

If in every bad action, bad reaction is considered the appropriate answer, it becomes impossible not to conceive heaviness within, since we give in more energy to the negative source that already managed to take some away.

Simple reactions considered appropriate answers, such as excuses, complaint and blaming act as energy transmitters from us to the consuming heaviness, which makes us auto-oppress ourselves while believing it´s a healthy way of expression.

It´s true there must be expression since repressed feelings can triple the heaviness that might have been already doubled but the expression must not exist in such a way that it joins hands with the negative source, we wanted nothing to do with in the first place. We cannot choose what actions will appear on our way but we can choose how we will react.

When a bad present or past situation is taking in consideration, almost instantaneously, complaints are made because we feel in the right to do so.... But such expression is tricky because at the same time it allows us to feel a sense of lightness afterwards, it bonds to us in such a way that the next time we remember or talk about that situation, there´s a tendency that we will complain again and so such reaction never seems to cease, specially considering that life´s negative situations are non-stop, even if are absent for a period of time.

The accumulation of this repetitive reaction cannot result in nothing but heaviness. Instead of giving energy to the source that is already taking it from us, we shall preserve our energy by not complaining and using it to be applied to an attitude we can have to restore the situation, to forgive the ones who hurt us and to let goof what keeps disturbing us from time to time, as long as complaints live on, we do not let go. 

Complaints live on when we use excuses, excuses not only to make complaints but excuses to take away our responsibility to overcome a situation, they provide avoidance from facing a damaging way of living which make us comfortable feeling heavy and oppressed because someone or some people or some circumstances brought us the reason.

It´s as if although we wanna be free from heaviness, we bond to it because we feel in the right to express our hurt by doing so.

Such way of expression is a way of auto-oppression, since it´s no longer the situations themselves that emprison us but it´s our own repetitive and accumulative negative reactions.

In the end, another consuming element is born, the blame, the blame we put on others or on ourselves. Complaints and excuses serve as keys to trigger this blame and make us destined to carry heaviness throughout time. When we stop the complaints and excuses we can save ourselvess from being bond to heaviness. 

We make our own destiny when we choose how to react and weather there will be lightness or heaviness.

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