Friday, February 12, 2016


Perseverance is the key to freedom and success

But sometimes our surroundings and the condition of our reality work as a big dark cloud,
blocking hopes from reaching our thoughts and blocking any sign of faith from reaching our heart.

When we have the will, that dark cloud oppresses us, bringing us any reason to remain in pessimism.

When we do not have the will, it suffocates us and traps us into the realistic reasons that circumstances in life bring us, making us believe that any thought that differ from what reality influences, is a thought not worth having.

And many times we fall for it and believe it´s not worth having hopes and faith because as we accept defeat, we start seeing hopes and faith as nothing but  frustration mechanisms.

And such frustration mechanisms can be intensified when no sign of hopes or changing is around.

Not all is in our hands but what lives in the heart and what leaves the heart can be, because hopes and faith are not mechanisms to get frustrated. They are mechanisms to rise us up.

As much as they can be seen and felt so intensified as frustrations, they can also be seen and felt so intensified as weapons

Weapons which do not kill but heal and bring more life

Weapons to be  used during our  last drop of strength, during the last drop of hope, during the last drop of patience. 

Because when all around says all is lost and hopeless....

Only through perseverance,we can say: by each step I give, I walk towards a better future and if life is dark now, I will not wait for any lamps to shine a light, I will shine it myself because the creator of earth and heaven gave me authority to walk around darkness and be light.

Life can be so overwhelming that we may succumb to darkness without even noticing at first, by speaking words made of negative and seeing no danger in it, by bringing death to dreams instead of strengthening their life, by waking up each day accepting a darker day than yesterday.

Sometimes the dark may not only be within but also on the reality of life itself and so walking in darkness is unavoidable but such darkness only steals our strength and dreams when we forget that we have light.

Light strong enough to lead us out of darkness or in some cases, strong enough to lead us through it until peace is restored.

When perseverance is unconditional, all the scars that life brings to the heart will be healed and by each scar healed, more strength will the heart have and more prosperous life will be because real prosperity is having what We need during the darkest  times and when the heart has what it needs, all the rest can be gained and achieved.

Perseverance is a matter of hope and faith and they work to restore and heal.
If You still can´t see it, stop accepting defeat !!!!
Because victory is reachable and perseverance is the key !!!!