Saturday, May 2, 2015

Know Your Source

The mind is under constant temptation
And irritation emerges due to the disturbance
It´s like you´re at home and a number calls to give you free things but free things which you don´t want anything to do with and the phone rings constantly
As time goes by , irritation emerges within and you end up answering the call although you were trying to avoid it all along

Now think about " home " as being your mind and the " constant calls " as being temptations
The temptations like the calls , want to give you something you don´t want but after so much struggle , you give up because you let irritation get to you and when it does , peace runs away to the point you can´t remember what it was like to have it

The everyday temptations start before the eyes and ears are presented with something negative .
It starts with the mind , with thoughts that don´t belong to the heart .

And when you start living the day , if you pay close attention , you will notice how the tv shows you watch say that betraying is normal , that lying is okay , that being selfish will lead you to success , that being greedy is part of human nature , that loving gets you hurt , that getting drunk and having meaningless sex is the way to live a happy life .....

Anything that is meaningless does not have the power to build something , specially something so meaningful as happiness . What it can only do is bring a feeling of void and unsatisfaction after a brief moment of temporary joy .

What is the reason for betraying ?
Getting personal satisfaction ! But how does a person get satisfaction from hurting and leaving someone on their side to be with a stranger on the other side ? Morality is not a rule to be followed but rather a meaningful way of life to be lived 

What is the reason of greed ?
Not only economic but also status satisfaction ! But neither one of them or them combined can make you satisfied with yourself , You cannot be satisfied with yourself when all you care about is outside

What is the reason for being selfish and for lying ?
Having more for yourself , having advantages and being ahead of others !
But what is the point of being ahead of others and still leave yourself behind ? 
You can be on the top , in first place and still feel like you are on a bottomless pit 

Love hurts ?
There´s people who speak about it but what is the background information they have about Love ?
From songs and movies ? from relationship dissapointments ?
Love is the biggest and the most benign of God´s fruits , it can´t be understood based on human opnions about what it is , to understand it ,  you need to get closer to the source of it

When you open your eyes and pay close attention
You will notice how the tv shows and music industry indocrinate people into having them as the main source of information and the main influential source of their everyday life
The temptation messages they send are real ! And suppose to persuade you just like the disturbing calls , remember ?

Although you may not agree with such messages , you watch them and listen to them constantly until one day during a difficult situation or opposed circumstances you´re facing , you end up acting just like the tv show preached or like the singer sang the song 
And the sad thing is that you may not notice it right away because when you don´t know your heart which is supposed to be the source of your attitudes and reactions , you let any outside source get into you as if it was your own 

When you don´t know your source , it gets easier for temptations to find their way in 
But when you do know your source , the phone can ring constantly everyday 
But you will be in the most peaceful state of being 

Know Your Source !!!!!!

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