Friday, January 9, 2015


This amazing element that people have been speaking of for thousands of years is able to open up doors which were locked from the inside , when a door is found locked , most people would use strength to open it but the wise know that it´s not about strength , it is about wisdom to find the right way to open it . Strength is important to fight but wisdom is essential to win , weather you fight for your dreams or fight to get up in the morning after a sad day , wisdom will help you walk towards light , the light which is called Faith . 

what is the meaning of faith to you ? 

according to the dictionary it means to believe in something which we cannot see happening yet 
but it doesn´t tell us about the power contained in it , it´s superficial description in the dictionary send us an empty message 
faith existed long long before we gave it a name , the power of it is contained in it´s essence and dictionaries won´t ever tell us about essence , we need to discover by ourselves and the only way is to keep it and stablish it as the tool which will lead us to success and to succeed we have to stay up even when everything around is trying to bring us down and overload our minds with messages of negative influence , weather it comes from someone around or something on television or even a disturbing thought that comes to mind , always remember that the strong can fight but only the wise can win because even when we fight for something we want , we need to believe in ourselves , the ones who fight but believe will lose , will eventually find the future they already stablished for themselves , the ones who search but believe will never find , will eventually end up in emptiness .....

because the lack of faith is like eyes closed and covered with the hands , the room can be full of light but we doubt if it´s really there , doubting our capability and the power contained in faith is like blocking vision from the light and walking in complete darkness , knowing where we want to go but not knowing the right way , faith is the light that lead us to the place we want to be . 

 all this may sound simple but remember that only the wise win ?  

well , only the strong have faith !!!!

because sometimes it is the only thing to hold on to .

To see everything going in the opposite direction and still believe it will change can be painful and at such moments thoughts of giving up come and make us believe it is better to end the pain than keep faith but the way to success is not easy , comfortable or pleasant , the way which is full of these things is the one that lead us to frustration , regrets and emptiness because sooner or later we would wish that we could go back in time and maintain faith because we would realize that what we thought was impossible or improbable was much more possible and probable than we thought but we just did not understand it , we just did not understand much about the power of faith .... 

It´s power depends on how much we believe during all times , sunny quiet days and dark stormy nights , the expression of faith must be bigger when it´s more needed , must be more alive when all is falling dead because as soon as everything falls , faith will bring a whole new world to life .... 

the world from which nothing really died but got renovated to be more alive !!!

Make the heart a home for faith 
light will shine to guide and lead you through the best way 
until you reach your dreams .

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