Saturday, November 29, 2014

Time to plant and time to harvest

Every action causes a reaction and this process happens as naturally and it happens with nature

Consider a seed of a plant that grows and takes all nutrientes from the ground and make it poor so no other plant is able to grow , it´s action has a simple , obvious and yet serious reaction

Now consider a seed of a plant that grows and takes what´s necessary for it but gives what´s necessary for other plants to grow around , it´s action of taking did not stop the giving so the reaction was as positive as it could be

Now consider the first plant to be an emotion , thought or attitude that grows and will only lead to one reaction , taking all the energy and leaving none for others to grow , it consumes and do not provide , that way it can not be considered good and healthy because what´s good and healthy takes but provides with the same intensity , like the seed of Love when it grows , it provides joy , peace within and happiness in it´s complete and pure formula

Think about the second seed which grows without ruining others but providing for them , it takes because it needs but gives because it needs as much as it needs to take , consider the grown seed an emotion , thought or attitude which develop itself allowing others to do the same , that way they all live in a harmonic cycle which never comes to an end because it´s led by mutuality

You take and you give
but not always when you give , you will take because sometimes the ones around you do not have what to give
If you stop giving , they will never have what to give again and will lose the taking and with time forget about how wonderful it was like to take and give in the same proportions
giving without expecting to take but always taking willing to give

Sometimes you give to people around you and don´t receive back attention , care and love
but do not lower your head because you are the plant responsible for giving life to your surrounding and providing for others the same chance

Beware of your emotions , thoughts and attitudes because when they come from the plant that consumes and ruins , the only reaction will be you acting in ways you never want others to act with you

Wherever you go and with whatever kinds of people you get in contact
Always plant the seeds that will provide .....

Provide light for the ones who live in darkness
Provide attention for the lonely ones
Provide love for the ones who could never had a taste of it
It doesn´t require a big gesture but as simple as a hug or as simple as a positive word which will make all the difference for them

provide serenity for the ones in nervousness or panic
provide a helping hand for the sad ones
provide life for the hearts which are close to death

There´s time to plant
and there´s time to harvest
Plant the good seeds
and you will harvest pure happiness

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