Saturday, August 9, 2014

Forgiveness is the key

In life
There will always be many situations with two doors to be opened
and your choice to decide which one it will be

One is bitterness
the other is forgiveness

The first leads you to be trapped inside a very dark world
which no one likes but still find it easier to get into than the opposite one

It´s easier because you don´t have to do anything , the hurting from the dissapointments and problems you have carry you towards it

The other way is a bright way , not without problems and dissapointments
but without the hurting that you cause yourself once you get yourself attached to a negative world of emotions that makes you forget that there is a better way

It´s harder because by choosing this door , you will have to struggle and be in control of your own self , completely the opposite of the first one .
By struggling you may fail several times
by not struggling you would be developing your biggest failure of all : Getting yourself distant from freedom

What freedom ?
Freedom from the negative world you get into when you choose not to fight back
to fight back it means to leave pride , anger and sorrow behind and embrace forgiveness

Sometimes it is the hardest thing to do but once done , it purifies your heart and gives you the chance to finally go on

When someone hurts you with words , actions or even both
Be attentive to not let yourself develop your own chains to be trapped in that dark world of emotions from the upsetting feeling you get at first

Forgive !!!!
Because when you do , you become stronger !!!

Weak is the one who reacts angrily , trying to show force in bad words and actions
but actually exposing the weakness of the heart that was corrupted and lost control

Forgiveness is the key to freedom

Make sure you always have that key on the hand
During any kind of situation at any moment
Because that key will save you from diving into a dark world and will lead you to a fountain of strength
which will never come to an end
as long as you purify your heart by choosing the door of forgiveness .

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