Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Reflections From The Within

It´s easier to stand in front of a mirror and have a description of what we look like
than take a look within and discover what we really are , other than flesh and bone

It´s easier to live life distracted with mundane activities and attractions
than beware of what real happiness is like , something unseen and untouchable

Easy ways of living such as these often lead to  insatisfaction and a common feeling of emptiness
but they´re rarely admitted because people are scared of the truth and too proud to say they´ve been wrong with themselves

Perhaps changes are seen as a guaranteed road to nowhere 
and the fear of the truth becomes an ally
Perhaps knowing what´s inside the heart causes panic
to notice too little of good and too much of bad

You my friend are the only one able to open the curtains of distraction
and begin a transformation towards happiness !

Fear dissapears when you begin to be sure about your wise strength , stable wisdom and strong love

Emptiness is filled by reasons to smile when you stop searching for solutions around and start searching for them within , the ones that will assure you that you will face problems without absorbing anything bad and building all that´s good

The satisfaction of living emerges when you discover how much powerful a clean heart can be ,
the one that faces problems without suffering and finds the will to build the best where the worst is trying to influence

Happiness becomes a reality and not just a dream when you decide to leave behind all the distractions , all the emptiness and all the bad emotions you carried and start a transformation for a new life , for a better life filled with reflections from the within and based on your own and true happiness

I hope you will reflect about the things you read here
they´re no life saver
but they´re the proofs that real happiness can be achieved

It´s time you reach yours .....

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