Saturday, March 23, 2013


Sometimes the opportunities we need are right in front of us ...........

If you lose control of yourself too easily
If you are an impatient person
If you are too negative
If you get angry for small reasons
and sometimes for no reason at all
Then you certainly know you need certain things to be able to maintain peace and control of yourself at all times instead of being part of your own damage

Those things are : serenity , patience and positivity
But how to do that when nothing seems to help ???

It´s time to break the barrier that makes you think there can´t be progress if outside sources are agaisn´t you , that barrier is negativity , something so simple and common but that keeps you from reaching the other things you need , when you allow yourself to see a positive way in a negative reality you also become capable of changing yourself and  your reality . A problem , an obstacle or a bad emotion/habit are only strong when you decide to let them take control , but when you fight they become weaker and you become stronger . Simple and common negativity affects you so much to the point you don´t fight and don´t discover how much potential you got and how much better you can do in life .

No matter how much negative things are outside  , there´s always a positive way
and that positive way is the opportunity you have each time you go through hard times , once your vision is clear from the damage that negativity does , you´ll need to work on how to control your mind and body , remember that no matter how small something bad seems to be , within time it grows so don´t give them space , don´t allow them to grow , take every opportunity you have so day by day you become stronger and those which once did so bad to you become weaker

There´s no other way to work on control than practising it during difficult times
the words that are said
the things that are done
the reactions to the situations
are products of the mind
so beware of what´s inside you so you can resist when necessary

Whenever you manage to resist you earn an opportunity to embrace serenity , patience and positivity and discover what they really are and how good they can do for you

Once you´re in harmony with them you´re no longer that old person who were always feeding your own damage
and that gives you an opportunity to build happiness based on things that no matter what the outside sources are , they will always provide you with better ways to go

Did you ever stop to think about how many opportunities you have everyday ???
if not , you should start

You have the opportunities
It´s time to get something good from them
don´t wait for a miracle
when you have plenty of opportunities around
if until this point in your life you couldn´t see them
clear your vision
Because sometimes the opportunities you need are right in front of you .

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