Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Love should have no frontiers

There´s a lot of differences in the world , weather it envolves ethnicity , belief , social class , culture , religion  or things like habits , likes and dislikes , personal thinking and many more
The beauty of life is that we can work together in order to make those differences look so small compared to planetary love , after all we´re all seeking for opportunities , improvement and answers to our questions ,
If we do it together there´s a bigger chance we´ll get them.......

Unfortunately the things that drive the world nowadays have made people forget what real love is and that opened a door for selfishiness to enter
and if there´s selfishiness there´s no unity . Weather we commit injustice to other people or not as long as we´re divided we are being part of the injustices commited worldwide because together we can have the power to stop them .

While we argue , fight and oppress each other
The evil men laugh to see we don´t know how to use the power we have to make changes , to make the world become a better place to live in , because we´re using it individualy to fight another individual that also has the power we have
So it´s the same power being used agaisn´t each other , the same source being damanged by it´s own owners .

We as individuals are powerless to interfere in a lot of things
As a unity we can stop the injustices , we can make life have more opportunities , more security , more freedom , more things to smile about than to cry about
But that won´t happen if we continue to let ourselves be driven by competition , by disrespect , by prejudice , by pride and other such things which divide us and make us weak .

All that can change if you allow yourself to be driven by love
the one that has not frontiers of any kind
the one that gives strength
the one that can mend a broken world !

If there´s something that keeps  you from having that love
work with yourself to overcome it
Because the world without love is a broken world
and Life without love is a pointless life
Without it life is imprisoned by the several things which destroy your chance of being happy
Without it the world is imprisoned by arguments , conflicts and wars which never allow peace to flow .

To see change in the world we must start with ourselves
And spread the messages and good news to everyone we can
That way we can work together to reach worldwide peace based on love

Love should have no frontiers
Let´s break the ones we find
and let the beauty of life emerge .

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