Monday, December 31, 2012

Don´t Surrender Yourself

Life´s a master at bringing problems and bad situations when we less expect , sometimes the impact is so strong that we succumb ourselves to some ways of reactions which turn things worse than they were
and not very rarely the bad emotions from those reactions stay within , dorment for awhile , waiting for something to activate them again , and the more they get activated the more we lose control over ourselves .

Life´s always gonna give you reasons to look only at the negative side of things , so it´s up to you to turn your mind to a different direction , the one that won´t let you forget about your problems but will help you overcome them and make improvements from the things that most hurt you , instead of encouraging yourself to dwell on them even more .

Don´t surrender to anger or hatred
Because little by little , small moments of anger can turn into an uncontrolable impulse of actions and thoughts and that´s the signal of danger that you are not able to be wise and strong anymore
and when you´re not in control , certain situations will cause hatred which will always pull you back ....
To get rid of it , it doesn´t take problems to go away but it takes you to fight agaisn´t the feelings so it won´t appear anymore , nevermind what the situations will be in the future .

Don´t surrender to sadness or sorrow
They need you to feed them so they can be strong
If you think it´s impossible to get rid of them is because you have been feeding  them ( noticing or without noticing ) so much to the point where even your self-confidence was damaged
So stop giving them strength and start building up your self-confidence again .

Don´t surrender to greed or selfishness
Since greed might provide you with plenty of materiality but will take every good thing you have within and leave nothing but a silent emptiness , which will always get hungry for more things and never be satisfied because what it needs can only be found inside ....
To be selfish is to be afraid that when you give something to someone or provide help , you will lose things which you are dependent on to have an image of yourself of being strong , when in fact you are weak to provide without being dependent on nothing but your own self-help and natural joy

To give is to gain
when you lose your fear
and be in harmony with yourself and others !

Don´t surrender yourself to the things that want to destroy your chance of being happy
they will bring emptiness to your life , forcing you to turn yourself to harmful things .

Addictions disguised as normal habits , Illusions disguised as help
Temporary solutions disguised as answers to your problems
All of that will come to your life if you surrender yourself to the very reasons life mostly gives you

Be strong and don´t surrender !