Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Build up the Bridge

In life , there´ll be always obstacles ( which will cause failure and sorrow ) , difficulties ( wich will cause negativity and anger ) and problems ( which will cause all of the above plus sadness )

In order not only to overcome these 3 things that are the main sources of an inner self blindness and weakness but also to grow stronger and wiser , there must be a bridge , linking your body and emotions to a higher conciousness that will replace your weaknesses with strength , your blindness with wisdom , your lack of self confidence with positivity and will fill the empty void inside with love , serenity , patience , forgiviness and such other things which compose true happiness .

This bridge can´t be borrowed from someone else , it can´t be earned or bought
It has to be built , by yourself only !

To start building this bridge , 3 main things should be gone from you , they are : negativity , anger and sorrow
and they should be replaced by positivity , forgiviness ( of others and of yourself ) and perseverence

With these 3 things you will allow yourself to be strong , to move on from the past and to persist when failed ( each time much wiser and stronger until success is reached ) .

You have the tools to build your own bridge
and you can use them everyday to battle agaisn´t the bad emotions and thoughts that several sources bring to you , so you can start reacting more positivily and consequently make better decisions , so you can overcome problems and get out wiser and stronger than before .

If you feel like you don´t have the tools at the moment
allow yourself to search for them within and practice once you´ve found them
´cause the wisdom that is not practiced becomes empty .

You can have the tools !

Allow yourself to build your own bridge

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