Sunday, September 2, 2012

Protect the Heart ( Mind )

If there´s anger there´s a reason for it
If there´s sadness there´s a reason for it
If there´s fear there´s a reason for it
and so many other things there are reasons for ......
But it´s those exact reasons that make you auto-destroy yourself .

Problems and difficulties don´t cause destruction
It´s absorbing things negatively and reacting with a bad attitude that do .

Where there´s anger , sadness , fear and other such things
There is blindness , blindness that blinds and destroys your motivations and hopes ...
If you ever feel dismotivated and without hopes

think about it like this :

The sun shines bright everyday although it´s ignored most of the time
The birds sing happily every early morning although they´re not  appreciated as they should be
The beautiful rain comes down to refresh the night although for most people it´s a reason to complain about
The moon shines the brightest and purest light in the night although people barely look at it

So many amazing things happen during the day that although they´re barely noticed and appreciated , they still have the motivation and hopes , one day they willl

So have the motivation and the hopes that one day your life will get better because you made it better by dealing with problems in a better way , not blinding yourself but allowing yourself to make better decisions and keeping the heart clean .

To reach true happiness , one must learn to deal with problems in the best way possible
Overcome the reasons life gives to feed bad emotions and thoughts by having your own reasons to say no to darkness and yes to light so you keep your heart clean and shiny at all times

Arm yourself with every motivation , hope , good thought and strength you can

Keep your heart clean
Yourself walking on happiness road
No matter what !