Friday, July 20, 2012

Getting The Positive Out of the Negative

Difficulties appear to everyone
and most people are negatively affected by them in two ways
first : they get angry and start complaining because they can´t get what they want
second : they get sad and start crying for the same reason as the first
and due to these two things they lose hope , strength , patience and the worse of all they start believing they could never get the things they want  when in fact they can get them and much much more
but not without being persistent , without persistence they get stuck into things that don´t satisfy them anymore

If you´re one of those people , don´t lower your head , instead lift it up high and see each day as an opportunity to change things !!!

nobody likes to have difficulties , obstacles and failures in life
but if those things didn´t exist , if everything was easy , we would never get a chance to get so high in level like we can

what would be of life if there was no difficulties ???
there would be no improvement , we wouldn´t get as much knowledge and conciousness as we do when we go through difficult moments

what would be of life if there was no obstacles ???
there would be no knowledge of all the strength each person has within
we´d be limited in how much we can break the barriers and transcend  the expectations 

what would be of life if there was no failures ???
there would be no persistence or perseverence
which means we wouldn´t build as much strength , patience and serenity as we can when we fail but keep trying by finding better ways

so if we look at difficulties , obstacles and failures the right way
we´ll see that although they are bad things
they can provide us with
knowledge , conciousness , strength , perseverence , patience and serenity

an endless amount of good things !!!

we can get the positive out of the negative
as long as we look at things the right way and allow ourselves to work towards changes in our mentality

for those who think it´s too hard
I ask , have you tried ?
have you persisted ?
because when you try and persist you make things much easier ....

Getting the positive out of the negative is a big step towards happiness
on happiness road not everything is perfect
bad things still come
the difference is the way we react to them
Instead of getting angry or sad
we get the good things we can get from them
and allow ourselves to persist in patience and serenity .

So don´t look at the bad things life brings to you
Look at the good things you can get from them .

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