Friday, June 1, 2012


Smile for we had yesterday , have today and will have tomorrow .
Smile for each morning that we wake up with the sound of the birds singing beautifuly , transmiting joy to every living thing around
Smile for the wind that comes , have you ever seen a group of trees or plants when a strong wind pass by them , they seem to be dancing , back and fourth , up and down in glorious movements that make me smile each time I see it

Everyday we should feel lucky for having the opportunity to experience all the things the sun can provide to us , it lights up the day , making us able to see how much life diversity there is out there , how much purity and beauty is around us
The process of day turning to night is a fantastic transition that we get to experience everyday
The sun and the moon greet each other in a gentle way , making changes in the sky to prepare it for  the quiet night , have you ever seen the moon  come out from behind a cloud ? it´s light shine on our eyes filling our hearts with joy and serenity .

When it´s approaching morning and the sky begins to get light , it gives me such a feeling of being alive , of having one more day to have sucess in the things I failed yesterday
It´s a moment that reminds me I´ll have more 24 hours to make changes in and out so my reality becomes better each day that comes
and gives me a feeling of relief to know that I´ll have that same very moment tomorrow

Along with those There are many many many more wonderful natural events that happen right before our eyes and sometimes we miss them 

In  nowadays world , people are so materialist that they miss all those amazing moments , they pay too much attention on things that should be left aside , things that can be the source of their own suffer in the future

We should pay more attention on the amazing events that are out there for us every single day
We don´t have the possibility of having doubts about them , they can only provide us with good things and the results always will  be good

So , a smile for that !

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