Monday, May 21, 2012

See Through The Lies

Lots of things in this world are based on lies
I´m not just talking about media lies that affect our thoughts on certain things or the lies in the history books about certain occurences in the past that make us believe things happened like they say .

I´m talking about lies that affect our personal life , who we are , what we do and what results we´ll have in the end .
We have to understand that lies are seen as truth , that´s why it´s called lie , something modificated from the truth in order to make someone feel joyful , happy , satisfied ..... the adjectives go on and on .
But feelings can be deceiving as well
we need to pay attention on the results that they give
and the only way to find out if something is  a lie or not is by
analyzing it from the very beginning to the very end .

Lots of things start good but we end up crying , suffering afterwards , when the results are negative , I assure you the products are lies , lies told by the world to make us feel joyful , temporary pleasures that end with us feeling sick , sad , HURT .

It´s the spirit that makes the body move
and the soul that controls everything
there´s two possible things that can happen
either the soul countrols everything
or it´s controlled by the products of lies that the world offer us

Don´t let the lies fool you into thinking you´re doing a good thing when deep down you know you´re not
Don´t let them control you , SEE THROUGH THE LIES .

If you feel lost in all this
start from the beginning
analyze your actions from the beginning to the end , until the results come
and by then you´ll know what´s a lie and what is not

Remember :
bad results can not come from good things
good results can not come from bad things

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