Thursday, April 19, 2012

A peaceful moment

How many of us get a peaceful moment in the noisy and rushy day ?
How many smile for the inner progresses made ?
How many search , spot and get rid of the bad elements ?

It´s not to blame that many people are busy most of the time hurrying from place to place , but during a 24 hour day isn´t there any time for us to disconnect from the outside world and dive into our inside world ?

Many of us make progresses without even realizing . and how we make a progress grow even bigger if we don´t even know about it´s existence ?

We don´t !!!
When a progress is made and not perceived by us , it gets lost in our subconcious which makes it really difficult to get to it , if we all take a moment in the day to stop and reflect about the occurences in and out , we´ll find progresses and by doing that , we´ll have opportunities to make them grow by working on them
and the benefits of inner growth is more important and much bigger than we can imagine  .

How many bad elements grow inside us without me and you realizing ?
we only realize it when it´s too big and too powerful to be controlled.
things are never born big and powerful , they´re born small and weak which makes it easy to destroy them but if we delay that . they´ll grow bigger and powerful , if we all take a moment to search for those things , we´ll spot them and be strong enough to destroy them .

 So let´s all have a peaceful moment in the day
a peaceful moment ain´t a time to only think about good things
It´s a time to smile because of the progresses made
and search , spot and destroy the bad elements that might have gotten in during the day

A peaceful moment is a time to build peace inside us
and that can naver be done if we forget about the bad things

We can all have a peaceful moment in the day
We just have to try .

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