Friday, March 30, 2012

Unconditional Love

There was a time love was much more demonstrated than Said
Nowadays most of the times the word ( Love ) is said but the feeling doesn´t exist .
with that been happening , the image of love is being degradaded .

The word love is everywhere but is it felt everywhre ?
I don´t think so , otherwise there wouldn´t be so many people complaining about love .

Those who put all their hopes on someone´s love have a great possibility of being let down in the future but those who don´t love will never know how much wonderful things it can add to our lives .

Love´s not the problem
Our dissapointments make us think it is but that´s when we have to see much farther than our eyes can see .
We can´t let those dissapointments destroy what´s so precious to us : Our natural and unconditional Love .

Love is much more than a feeling of liking someone in a special way !

Love can bring strength , so we can go through the dissapointments and not be let down and still be feeding that love .
It can bring conciousness , so we can tell the difference of what´s real and what is not . .
It can bring knowledge , so we can learn more and more of this endless and fascinating thing that´s called Love.

but beware
that you can´t get those things
if you " love " for the gain of money , popularity , material goods and appreciation .

When you love make sure it´s unconditional
don´t expect anything in return
and you´ll be provided with everything you want and need .

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