Thursday, March 8, 2012

Freedom is something you build

All kinds of people seek for freedom , two small examples are
teenagers that can´t wait for their parents to get off their back
and a lotta wives also seek for freedom which they say their husbands took away from them . is it really ??
or they only got eyes for things like that ????
It´s easier to say we have exterior problems than admit we have interior ones .

Ever wondered why so many people that seem to have everything including freedom fall and fall really hard ??
It´s because they never had real freedom but only they knew that until they lost control so people could start seeing it too .

The satisfaction of being free is much greater than not having to tell anyone where you´re going , who you´re going with , what time you´ll be back and other several things .

Being free for a lotta people means being reckless weather they admit it or not .
Freedom is something you build by breaking the chains that cuff you to things that try to destroy your inside ,
Feeding your  mind with illusions is not gonna help you break it ,
that´s why you have to see through the walls of lies

Try disconnecting yourself from the outside world for instance
getting that done
focus on what´s been affecting you

now , negative thoughts will come , that´s when you have to prove to yourself you´re strong and I know you are so don´t let them take control
you´re in charge
give your orders !

once you got rid of the negativity
you can start to see more clearly
so think about the solutions and possibilities
grab the best solution and don´t let it go no matter what happens
and ACT , because making all the progress you made inside your head and not act afterwards doesn´t really solve the problem
If we know the way , we should act

There´s plenty of people out there who´d like to find the way but can´t .
so let´s do it , hopefully more and more people will start to find a way and one day the world will be much better for each one of us .

Remember :
Freedom is something you build
not something you earn .

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