Thursday, March 8, 2012

For those about to grow We salute you

For those tired of all the deception and
lies this life has forced inside you
we salute you !!!

Life´s been pretty tough , hasn´t it ??
the bad moments are gone but left bad elements inside us   which we only can see now
we should smile , we´ve managed to see through all the deception and lies
and that´s a big step !

For those that can´t take
all that negativiness anymore
We salute you !!!

As if it wasn´t enough that things are hard to achieve , we were also bombared with negativiness , specially when things didn´t seem to be working out and sometimes even when they seemed to be working out well ( which was keeping us from reaching a higher level ) but we fought the negative thoughts and won , we fell sometimes but got up and kept fighting
A smile for that , the strong ones fight but only the brave ones win !

For those that decided to fill their souls
with love other than hatred
We salute you !!!

Life tried to corrupt and deceive you in many ways but you never let your natural love die
although you had so many disappointments and sad moments , you didn´t let it die .
Some of you might think you had lost it but didn´t
you were just too blind to see that it was there all along
for all of you a big smile , you have a heart of gold
protect it and preserve it . it´s a very valuable thing by a very valuable person .

You´ve managed to get rid of a lotta bad things inside of you
but you want more , don´t you ??
I´m not talking about fights , I´m talking about glory
we will continue to have fights every now and then , that´s life !
but we can have glory everyday , by walking up the stairs to reach a higher level of growth ,
nothing is more glorious than interior growth , it helps us keep our soul alive
and our mind positive and strong so we can not only continue but always improve more and more ,
why limit ourselves when we can be unlimited , right ??

So don´t stop the progress
There´s always more

For those about to grow
We salute you !!!

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