Monday, February 13, 2012

There is always a light inside each one of us

What to do when the cruelty of life takes all the space there is to be taken ????
What to think when most of our thoughts are messed up ????
What to see when there´s darkness where there was supposed to be light ???

It´s true that everything we see and hear have a big influence in our lives , the more we live the more horrible things we see and hear , as if it wasn´t enough we already have inside conflicts ( which is perfectly normal ) we also have to deal with outside conflicts , that sometimes have even more impact than the others .

It´s understandable to get revolted sometimes but
We can´t let it get to anger or rage because that way , that thing that caused you to get revolted not only cuffs other people , it also cuffs you , cuffs you into a prison where there´ll always be something holding you back , never leting you grow . what most people don´t realise is that as long as there´s an element from evil inside there´ll always be something keeping them from reaching a wonderful path that is provided for everyone but only a few reach .

It´s hard to stay positive when we´re bombarded with negative thoughts , it´s hard to be sure of things when there´s doubt everywhere , most of those doubts come from the world outside , we let them in and when that happens we lose our thoughts and sometimes even our identity .

We can´t depend on the world out there to make us be sure of something good , we have an endless and wonderful universe inside us , perhaps , we should pay more attention to it .

The light of the day gives space to the darkness of the night
but for some people the night doesn´t need to come to bring darkness
because it´s there all the time .

We won´t shine our natural light again as long as we keep leting the world out there make a mess inside us !

Ever heard the phrase " there´s always a light at the end of the tunnel " ???
Well , I say  , there´s always a light inside each one of us .

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