Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Leave the past behind

Nobody had a perfect past and nobody never will have one
It´s a fact that we leave a day behind when another one comes
but sometimes we carry things with us which we shouldn´t .

It´s fiction that time cures everything , it doesn´t
In fact it doesn´t cure anything
We must know that from experience :
The anger that made a home inside us and refuses to leave
the sorrow that was caused by all those bad things that happened but even though they don´t happen anymore , the sorrow still remains
And many other horrible feelings , our past practically forced us to accept .

It´s not easy leaving the past behind , so many horrible memories that keep coming to us .

Forgive but never forget
Forgive yourself and forgive people but don´t forget anything
The only reason we should remember the bad things that happened in our past is so we can see how much things got better , how much we got better .

But of course there are things that still haven´t gotten better
what you gotta ask yourself is , can I do something about it ??
if you can , then do it ........ But sometimes even when we do something about a problem , it doesn´t change much ´cause it also depends on other people

I know it´s upseting but you should smile ´cause you did your part
what you can´t do is let their negative response and negative actions make you believe you didn´t do a very good job , you did ! their negative responses and actions have nothing to do with you , it´d happen to anybody that stood on their way , sometimes some of us might think we´ve made things worse although we were trying to make them better , never believe that ´cause it´s not true and I add that we should smile once again , not everybody has the courage to rise up and say/do something , if the result was not positive it´s because they were too blind to see things clearly .

Live day by day  in order to clean up the mess your past left in you until your inside is completely cleaned

It´s gone , you´re living in the present now
don´t make your past memories come real to you in the present

The reality today is that yesterday is long gone and so should be
the bad things that occured on it .

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