Monday, January 2, 2012


There are moments in our lives that We find ourselves totally alone
Moments in which we find out that we won´t receive help from anyone but ourselves .
Some of us make someone we love an image of help but that´s only an image , the real help comes from us .
Some of us that are too lonely have a hard time understanding why our lives are so full of loneliness
Some may think loneliness is equal emptiness , but they only think that beacuse they think that having many people in their lives means that emptiness will be gone , but it will not .

We´re the only ones that can feed or get rid of something inside . What we have to realize is that being lonely is an opportunity of getting to know more of ourselves , our weaknesses , our strengths and consequently get rid of every negative thing we have inside .
Some of us seem to be afraid to take on a new road
but what we got to ask ourselves is
do we wanna keep rolling down the same road ??
It doesn´t matter if you got in it because you were too weak to fight or
because life was so harsh on you that you had no choice
the important thing is , now you know there´s a new road , a road that you can choose to take on .

Maybe life didn´t give you a choice of weather you wanted to or not get into that bad road but it´s giving you a choice now , to choose between that old road that only brought you bad things and a new one that will transform your life . make the right choice !

If you stay in that old road believing somebody is gonna come and rescue you then perhaps you should move on to a new road , the only one that can rescue you is your own self , by making the right choices .

maybe you don´t have any friends 
but you can have the bestfriend anyone can have :

your own self !

when you find , embrace your inner self and walk towards progress ,   the feeling of loneliness will slowly fade away .

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