Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Break The Chains

Remember When we were kids ? Those were good times , it was like we had this enormous joy inside that could never be destroyed , although we had bad moments sometimes , we always found a reason to smile , we didn´t need much to be happy because happiness was right there inside of us

But time passed and that enormous joy we had within us slowly started to fade away and then we began to feel we needed exterior things to try to fill that space that once was filled with natural joy

we began to poison ourselves with all kinds of things , not only poisoning our body but also poisoning our soul , in order to find joy , a fake one that only lasted till we ran outta those things
how can we be so blind and not realize that what we look for is right there inside of us ??

we used to find joy in the small things that life could provide us and now we search for things that not only blind us but also destroy piece by piece of that natural joy .

addicted is not only someone that drinks or uses drugs everyday
addicted is also those ones that may not do those things everyday but
are as cuffed to them as the ones who do

how to know if you´re cuffed ??
just look inside your mind and you´ll find out

but those are not the only things that destroy our natural joy , we´re also cuffed to material things that we like to call " our properties " , the funny thing is , they seem to be our owners which can control and destroy our lives whenever they want , it´s the greed that feeds the obsession and the obsession that feeds the illusion .

Some people got everything they need to have a comfortable life but they´re so obsessed that they always want more , it´s never enough and it never will be , because the illusion can never fill that empty space , it can only give us a few moments of pleasure , a fake pleasure that never satisfies us .

We can break the chains and find our natural joy again 
We can continue to feed illusions that will push us down the cliff when we less expect .

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