Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Blockage

Dissapointments come and go
but sometimes , it brings things that should not make a home inside of us
weather it´s because of someone special you like or those so called " friends "
people always dissapoint us and we all know it doesn´t stop there 
that dissapointment makes us feed bad things inside , like anger and resentment and the worst of all
it makes us destroy our natural love piece by piece because it makes us believe that if we love we´ll suffer .

 Sometimes we want too much from people , literally too much
They can´t give their love to us , they can only reflect it toward us 
nobody can feel someone else´s love but their own .

We can´t go out seeking for love if we first don´t find it inside of us ,
It´s not always that we´re gonna find love and when we do , we won´t be able to feel it and then
we´ll blame it on people and blame it on love itself .

how to find that natural love ??
first get rid of those bad feelings you let in because of all the dissapointments .

forgive people and forgive yourself .

what blocks your natural love are not the dissapointments you had
what blocks your natural love are the bad things that got in because of them

first to find love
we gotta clear up our garden
and then we´ll find out that
even the small things will make us grow in natural love .

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