Monday, January 23, 2012

What´s your biggest fear ?

what´s your biggest fear ?
the one that comes to you at night ?
or the one that sticks with you all day long ?
the one that involves people ?
or the one that has only to do  with yourself ?

some of us seem to be so brave when it comes to non-important things
but are so afraid of changes , changes that can make our lives much better !

what is it ? are we afraid of what people will think ?
are we afraid of what our friends will say ?

one thing´s for sure , we can change completely for better or for worse that our true friends will always be there for us .

we been shuting down the voices in our heads that say we should change 
and been feeding the ones that tell us to continue on that road

on the road to auto-destruction .....

do we fear something that´s gonna be good for us ?
if so , how come we don´t fear something that´s gonna be bad ?
the thing is , there´s nothing we should fear
what we gotta do is stop for a moment and search what we got inside that´s good for us , ( don´t confuse that with illusions ) , I´m pretty sure you can tell the difference .

why are we still afraid of what people will think and say if we change our habits , our actions , our language and our inside ???

they got an image of you by your habits , by your actions and by your language , but what about your inside?
they don´t see it , only you do .
what´s keeping you from changing ?
is it the fact that you want people to see an image of you as someone joyful ?
what about your essence ??
that´s right , they don´t care about it and seems like you don´t either ....

they can see you as someone joyful 
but you´re the only one that sees the real you !

it´s time to love and care about yourself 
it´s never too late
but don´t let it for tomorrow
start today !

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Blockage

Dissapointments come and go
but sometimes , it brings things that should not make a home inside of us
weather it´s because of someone special you like or those so called " friends "
people always dissapoint us and we all know it doesn´t stop there 
that dissapointment makes us feed bad things inside , like anger and resentment and the worst of all
it makes us destroy our natural love piece by piece because it makes us believe that if we love we´ll suffer .

 Sometimes we want too much from people , literally too much
They can´t give their love to us , they can only reflect it toward us 
nobody can feel someone else´s love but their own .

We can´t go out seeking for love if we first don´t find it inside of us ,
It´s not always that we´re gonna find love and when we do , we won´t be able to feel it and then
we´ll blame it on people and blame it on love itself .

how to find that natural love ??
first get rid of those bad feelings you let in because of all the dissapointments .

forgive people and forgive yourself .

what blocks your natural love are not the dissapointments you had
what blocks your natural love are the bad things that got in because of them

first to find love
we gotta clear up our garden
and then we´ll find out that
even the small things will make us grow in natural love .

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Break The Chains

Remember When we were kids ? Those were good times , it was like we had this enormous joy inside that could never be destroyed , although we had bad moments sometimes , we always found a reason to smile , we didn´t need much to be happy because happiness was right there inside of us

But time passed and that enormous joy we had within us slowly started to fade away and then we began to feel we needed exterior things to try to fill that space that once was filled with natural joy

we began to poison ourselves with all kinds of things , not only poisoning our body but also poisoning our soul , in order to find joy , a fake one that only lasted till we ran outta those things
how can we be so blind and not realize that what we look for is right there inside of us ??

we used to find joy in the small things that life could provide us and now we search for things that not only blind us but also destroy piece by piece of that natural joy .

addicted is not only someone that drinks or uses drugs everyday
addicted is also those ones that may not do those things everyday but
are as cuffed to them as the ones who do

how to know if you´re cuffed ??
just look inside your mind and you´ll find out

but those are not the only things that destroy our natural joy , we´re also cuffed to material things that we like to call " our properties " , the funny thing is , they seem to be our owners which can control and destroy our lives whenever they want , it´s the greed that feeds the obsession and the obsession that feeds the illusion .

Some people got everything they need to have a comfortable life but they´re so obsessed that they always want more , it´s never enough and it never will be , because the illusion can never fill that empty space , it can only give us a few moments of pleasure , a fake pleasure that never satisfies us .

We can break the chains and find our natural joy again 
We can continue to feed illusions that will push us down the cliff when we less expect .

Monday, January 2, 2012


There are moments in our lives that We find ourselves totally alone
Moments in which we find out that we won´t receive help from anyone but ourselves .
Some of us make someone we love an image of help but that´s only an image , the real help comes from us .
Some of us that are too lonely have a hard time understanding why our lives are so full of loneliness
Some may think loneliness is equal emptiness , but they only think that beacuse they think that having many people in their lives means that emptiness will be gone , but it will not .

We´re the only ones that can feed or get rid of something inside . What we have to realize is that being lonely is an opportunity of getting to know more of ourselves , our weaknesses , our strengths and consequently get rid of every negative thing we have inside .
Some of us seem to be afraid to take on a new road
but what we got to ask ourselves is
do we wanna keep rolling down the same road ??
It doesn´t matter if you got in it because you were too weak to fight or
because life was so harsh on you that you had no choice
the important thing is , now you know there´s a new road , a road that you can choose to take on .

Maybe life didn´t give you a choice of weather you wanted to or not get into that bad road but it´s giving you a choice now , to choose between that old road that only brought you bad things and a new one that will transform your life . make the right choice !

If you stay in that old road believing somebody is gonna come and rescue you then perhaps you should move on to a new road , the only one that can rescue you is your own self , by making the right choices .

maybe you don´t have any friends 
but you can have the bestfriend anyone can have :

your own self !

when you find , embrace your inner self and walk towards progress ,   the feeling of loneliness will slowly fade away .