Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A fortress can not be built overnight

Life´s no garden of roses
it´s more like a prickle one 
wherever you step it takes more and more of your strength
it makes us believe that we´re weak
and those who (apparently ) have everything are strong
it makes us believe that those that have people on their feet are strong but they´re not , it´s those people´s weaknesses that cause that impression .
what would be of a pharaoh if it wasn´t for the slaves ??
what make them strong is people´s inability to be strong 
we been weak for so long , in so many aspects .

we´ve let greed inside , greed is a soul eater , no matter how much we gain , we always want more , it eats your soul piece by piece and in the end all that´s left is emptiness . that´s what greed does,
the hunger for greed is the fuel for emptiness .

we´ve let anger inside , that small  thing that comes without being seen and without making a sound and when we´re finally able to see it , it has evolved from small to huge . No one feeds anger without a reason but what we have to realise is that , life´s always gonna give us reasons to feed bad things inside , we can be weak and feed them or we can be strong and find a better way .

we´ve let pride inside , too much pride . You may think pride is something that makes you strong but it´s not . it´s something that gets you stuck into something that only lives to destroy you inside . how many of us feel so bad inside but insist in being too proud and not forgive someone ??
How many of us know that we´re wrong but keep doing it anyway because we have so much pride that we don´t admit we´re wrong ??
who loses in all this ??
those that even though they´re right , they accept what the other ones say or those that have a guilty concience because of all the pride they let take over instead of humility and good sense??

we can very much distinguish something bad from something good
and if we can do that , we can also distinguish what makes us weak from what makes us strong, don´t let blindness get in the way , sometimes what makes us feel strong is also what destroys us in the future , remember : no one can build a fortress overnight , it takes time but in the end ,  we see that it was worth it .

be free from the obscure things that stain your beautiful sea .

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