Monday, December 26, 2011

Blinded By The Same Day

We start the day by opening our eyes
and giving life to our rested body
Some live their lives to the fullest
but when they´re alone they discover they´re empty inside ....

Each day is different from the other
but they seem to be just the same when it comes to interior growth ....
they don´t give opportunities to anyone
the sad part is , some really expect life to give them a hand so they can start getting better
we all know it never does .....

We seek things outside which can only be found inside of us 
We put our hopes on someone´s shoulder and then they let us down
Some try to fill the void inside with drugs and alcohol 
it´s not just their brains , lungs and livers that are damaged
it´s also their interior , which is composed by the soul and all the endless things that it can be full of .

Some are so blind that think they can win if they fight something bad with something bad
but don´t that just turn what was bad into something worse ??
We can only win if we fight something bad with something good
I know darkness and everything that is in it , is powerful
but they can´t stay where there´s light
How many of us have let what people say , what people do , what we see and other things put out our light??

I believe it´s time for changes , our days can´t be the same anymore 
why you only close your eyes when you go to bed ??
why don´t you close them when you need to ??
is keeping them open good for you ??
you know the answer and you know what to do
close your eyes and find inside what you´ve been searching outside
Some of you must think you can´t do much to yourselves by yourselves
but you´ll only find out when you give it a try .

what you seek , is what you already got inside
don´t let the days keep you blind any longer
all you gotta do is close your eyes
and you´ll find what you´ve been looking for .

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