Tuesday, November 15, 2011

where peace is born

Child prostitution rises , the toys in the stores are not bought anymore
unemployment rises , inside that kitchen closet there´s very little
murder rises ,  men let go their values and grabbed guns
misery rises , about 5 million children cry because of hunger everytime we laugh
anger rises , for each mind there´s 3 million thoughts and 2/3 of them are bad thoughts .

health care decreases , teenagers and children roam the streets searching for drugs
Love decreases , 10 billion of " I love you " are said everyday all around the word and not even 10% of them are true
Security decreases , not even the sun light is able to prevent things that shouldn´t be exposed to our eyes
the right to live decreases , while we have 24 hours tomorrow , many people won´t have . 

will you have peace ?
peace isn´t born in the world
it has to be born in you
if you only have eyes for the world out there 
you´ll just  be one more of them .

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