Wednesday, November 9, 2011

what is fear ??

Fear is something that is born when we come to this world , of course there´s nothing we can do about it when we are babies but as we age and mature we can get rid of it .
Fear is already inside of us before something bad comes and gets us scared, worried  or negative but we only see it when they happen .

Fear is fear
there´s no little fear or big fear
weather it´s towards a harmless animal or a catastrophic asteroid coming to earth
it´s the same thing
because it´s fear
the only thing that changes is the source of that fear 
when you find peace within , you see that fear is there but you can get rid of it
if you find peace inside of you
there can be war all around you
that you will still be in peace 
peace is what´s within
a lotta people must think they got peace inside but they don´t , you know why ??
because it takes only a little problem to get them afraid , angry , worried etc .
your peace shouldn´t depend on the good moments life gives you
It´s gotta depend on you , only on you 
take a fictionary example of someone that lives his entire life without having any problems and having everything he wants and needs but it takes only a little problem to erase all that peace he thought he had , you know why sometimes something bad comes and it erases all that peace and love and other things that we had ?? it´s because we never had them , everything good we got inside can never be erased . So peace is not the good and peaceful moments life gives us , Peace is what we build ourselves by getting rid of anger , worriness , negativeness and many more things that only exist to destroy our beautiful inside .

So don´t seek peace in the good moments life gives you , seek peace within .

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