Tuesday, November 15, 2011

the scars of the brave and the shame of the coward

Sometimes it just seems to be the end 
the end of every good thing we had
Sometimes we just feel like things will never be all right again 
we try and we try but tears keep falling 
it´s not much the tears that make us weak , it´s what causes the tears to fall
crying doesn´t solve anything but it sure is a way of comforting ourselves
and Sometimes we get so weak that we can´t even face a little problem without crying 

As I said , crying doesn´t solve anything but it is a way of comforting ourselves but does it really help ?
how long we been comforting ourselves ?
2 days ? 2 weeks ? 2 months ? 2 years ? our entire life ?
I think we should close our eyes for a moment and try to find the source that causes all the tears to fall
once we find it , we can start facing it , but no more tears now , no more comfort , the comforting times had their chance , now it´s time to give the facing times a chance !

you can get all the hands of the world when you need but if you don´t face the problem on your own , you´ll never get over it , it´s a battle , a battle that only we can fight , nobody can do it for us , ´cause they have their own battles too . we gotta believe and try , if we don´t believe no matter how hard we try , how much we sacrifice ourselves , we´ll not be able to get over it but if we believe we can get anything we want so don´t be a coward that only tries once and then gives up , try one , try two , try three , try how many times you have to , a coward is not the one that fails , a coward is the one that gives up .
A coward gives up and runs away with no scars and the brave fight and fight hard and sometimes they fall but they rise up again till they win the battle and in the end they got scars but those are scars of victory , the coward that ran away doesn´t have any scars but he also doesn´t know the taste of victory .

you have a choice to make , be a coward one or be a brave one .
which one you think is best ??
Think about it 
you can win as long as you believe , try and never give up .
it won´t take you your whole life to get over something maybe it won´t even take weeks
maybe it´ll take less time than you can imagine
so give it a try , I´m sure you won´t regret .

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