Thursday, November 10, 2011


how many times a day do you find yourself being negative? how many times a day do you find yourself thinking about bad things? a lot right ? to some people negativeness and bad thoughts are a huge problem , to others not so much but eveybody is bombed with negativeness and bad thoughts almost everyday . how many of you young or old have dreams ? and you tell them to your parents or to your friends and they always say no , they always say you can´t , that you dream too big , they always say never . To some of you what people think and say means a lot  but what about what you think and what you say ?? have you ever stopped to think that the negative things people say to you is not what makes you be negative ?? what makes you be negative is letting what they think and  say control your inside . If now you realise that happens to you then you should start doing something about it . when something negative comes to your mind because of worriness or because nothing seems to work well for you or anything else , just give that negative thought a positive answer , always respond to it positively and stick to it , don´t give up . and when somebody says something negative to you , don´t give it too much thought , actually don´t give it any thought at all , Some people think that only because they can´t get rid of something bad inside or because they can´t get something they want , that everybody is gonna be unable as well but it´s not true , I know you can get everything you want but first you gotta start from the beginning , never feed negative or bad thoughts , they come even if we don´t want to so when they come respond to them positively and when you hear someone say something negative to you , just think about what I told you , just because they can´t doesn´t mean you can´t . I know you can ,  you gotta start seeing that now .

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