Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Make the connections

I´ve always wondered why the birds sing so happily everyday
If our world seems to be set to explode
the only reasonable conclusion that I could find is that birds may be small but they are able to get huge knowledge , much bigger than some of us do .
Some people see knowledge as something only for the intelligent ones
Others see it as something useless . both are wrong , knowledge is not only for the intelligent ones and it is certainly useful .
I´m not talking about science kinda knowledge , math kinda knowledge or any other thing that they say you must have . I´m talking about life knowledge , Life knowledge is every good thing that you learn , it´s the good things you absorb even though things around you  are all bad , it´s when you receive something bad and turn it into something good , that´s life knowledge , every thing you can use for your own good and for people´s good .
If you use something bad , don´t call it knowledge , call it cruelty , not so much to the person you use it agains´t but mostly to your own self , if there´s anyone that really suffers is the one that uses it .

It´s not always easy to receive something bad and turn it into something good , we get mad , disappointed and sad but what we gotta stop to think about is , is absorbing something bad good for us ? does it make us stronger ? ( I´ve talked about this on " all the strength that is inside of us " ) . If we get to the conclusion that it doesn´t then we shouldn´t .

Knowledge isn´t useless and if you hear someone say it is , don´t listen to them , they will be screaming for knowledge when they go through something bad in their lives . there are four things which compose happiness :  Knowledge , conciouness , love and goodness . If you can connect these things together you´ll get much more closer to happiness , happiness is something endless and that´s the beauty of it , you never reach a limit , there´s always more and more , so if you are really happy today you can get even more happier tomorrow , and that thought is unlike those that most people have , they say happiness doesn´t last very long but what they´re talking about is good moments , not happiness , it´s not just a thought , it´s a reality and you´ll only find that out if you give it a chance . you´ll be surprised to see that even when things are bad you don´t get so down like you used to because you have connected the componets that not only helped you find happiness but also helped you get stronger .

So make the connections , there´s no need to rush to finish a progress but there has to be rush to start it , time´s passing and we´re getting older , we shouldn´t waste opportunities like these because we never know when that clock of ours is gonna stop .

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