Saturday, November 12, 2011

all the strength that is inside of us

How many of you get angry really easily with people or even with yourselves ??
and all that anger makes you think about bad things and it makes you wanna do bad things , if we all did what these bad thoughts want us to do , the world would be a lot worst than it is now but it´s not the world outside that suffers because of all your anger , it´s the world you got inside right ? so why you keep feeding those bad thoughts ? their only job is to destroy you , some of you may get the feeling that all that anger makes you stronger , well that´s a sensation that anger causes at the moment but it´s only temporary , which means it´s all an illusion , anger doesn´t make you stronger , on the contrary it makes you weaker , how to discover if that´s true ??  well think about it , if that anger made you so strong at some particular moment how come you fell for the same thing some time later ?? ...... See it didn´t make you stronger , it made you blind .

if you´re locked in a mental cell full of bad thoughts , you should know that you got the key to open it and walk away from all that , you´re the only one who can do that , you ever heard that money doesn´t bring you happiness ? .... it´s true , and not only money , you can have the best life anyone could have , have everything you want , go to all the places you want but if you don´t get rid of things that only exist to destroy your inside you´ll never be happy because happiness is not something that comes from the outside , it comes from the inside and is reflected on the outside .

You got all the strength you need , if you feel like you don´t then perhaps you should pay more attention to your inside , maybe it´s screaming to you , trying to tell you that you got the strength but you don´t  listen to it , so listen to it , in fact that´s what we all should do , pay attention and listen to things that are good for us , not the ones that are bad . you got all the strength , so use it :)

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