Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A fortress can not be built overnight

Life´s no garden of roses
it´s more like a prickle one 
wherever you step it takes more and more of your strength
it makes us believe that we´re weak
and those who (apparently ) have everything are strong
it makes us believe that those that have people on their feet are strong but they´re not , it´s those people´s weaknesses that cause that impression .
what would be of a pharaoh if it wasn´t for the slaves ??
what make them strong is people´s inability to be strong 
we been weak for so long , in so many aspects .

we´ve let greed inside , greed is a soul eater , no matter how much we gain , we always want more , it eats your soul piece by piece and in the end all that´s left is emptiness . that´s what greed does,
the hunger for greed is the fuel for emptiness .

we´ve let anger inside , that small  thing that comes without being seen and without making a sound and when we´re finally able to see it , it has evolved from small to huge . No one feeds anger without a reason but what we have to realise is that , life´s always gonna give us reasons to feed bad things inside , we can be weak and feed them or we can be strong and find a better way .

we´ve let pride inside , too much pride . You may think pride is something that makes you strong but it´s not . it´s something that gets you stuck into something that only lives to destroy you inside . how many of us feel so bad inside but insist in being too proud and not forgive someone ??
How many of us know that we´re wrong but keep doing it anyway because we have so much pride that we don´t admit we´re wrong ??
who loses in all this ??
those that even though they´re right , they accept what the other ones say or those that have a guilty concience because of all the pride they let take over instead of humility and good sense??

we can very much distinguish something bad from something good
and if we can do that , we can also distinguish what makes us weak from what makes us strong, don´t let blindness get in the way , sometimes what makes us feel strong is also what destroys us in the future , remember : no one can build a fortress overnight , it takes time but in the end ,  we see that it was worth it .

be free from the obscure things that stain your beautiful sea .

Monday, December 26, 2011

Blinded By The Same Day

We start the day by opening our eyes
and giving life to our rested body
Some live their lives to the fullest
but when they´re alone they discover they´re empty inside ....

Each day is different from the other
but they seem to be just the same when it comes to interior growth ....
they don´t give opportunities to anyone
the sad part is , some really expect life to give them a hand so they can start getting better
we all know it never does .....

We seek things outside which can only be found inside of us 
We put our hopes on someone´s shoulder and then they let us down
Some try to fill the void inside with drugs and alcohol 
it´s not just their brains , lungs and livers that are damaged
it´s also their interior , which is composed by the soul and all the endless things that it can be full of .

Some are so blind that think they can win if they fight something bad with something bad
but don´t that just turn what was bad into something worse ??
We can only win if we fight something bad with something good
I know darkness and everything that is in it , is powerful
but they can´t stay where there´s light
How many of us have let what people say , what people do , what we see and other things put out our light??

I believe it´s time for changes , our days can´t be the same anymore 
why you only close your eyes when you go to bed ??
why don´t you close them when you need to ??
is keeping them open good for you ??
you know the answer and you know what to do
close your eyes and find inside what you´ve been searching outside
Some of you must think you can´t do much to yourselves by yourselves
but you´ll only find out when you give it a try .

what you seek , is what you already got inside
don´t let the days keep you blind any longer
all you gotta do is close your eyes
and you´ll find what you´ve been looking for .

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Make the connections

I´ve always wondered why the birds sing so happily everyday
If our world seems to be set to explode
the only reasonable conclusion that I could find is that birds may be small but they are able to get huge knowledge , much bigger than some of us do .
Some people see knowledge as something only for the intelligent ones
Others see it as something useless . both are wrong , knowledge is not only for the intelligent ones and it is certainly useful .
I´m not talking about science kinda knowledge , math kinda knowledge or any other thing that they say you must have . I´m talking about life knowledge , Life knowledge is every good thing that you learn , it´s the good things you absorb even though things around you  are all bad , it´s when you receive something bad and turn it into something good , that´s life knowledge , every thing you can use for your own good and for people´s good .
If you use something bad , don´t call it knowledge , call it cruelty , not so much to the person you use it agains´t but mostly to your own self , if there´s anyone that really suffers is the one that uses it .

It´s not always easy to receive something bad and turn it into something good , we get mad , disappointed and sad but what we gotta stop to think about is , is absorbing something bad good for us ? does it make us stronger ? ( I´ve talked about this on " all the strength that is inside of us " ) . If we get to the conclusion that it doesn´t then we shouldn´t .

Knowledge isn´t useless and if you hear someone say it is , don´t listen to them , they will be screaming for knowledge when they go through something bad in their lives . there are four things which compose happiness :  Knowledge , conciouness , love and goodness . If you can connect these things together you´ll get much more closer to happiness , happiness is something endless and that´s the beauty of it , you never reach a limit , there´s always more and more , so if you are really happy today you can get even more happier tomorrow , and that thought is unlike those that most people have , they say happiness doesn´t last very long but what they´re talking about is good moments , not happiness , it´s not just a thought , it´s a reality and you´ll only find that out if you give it a chance . you´ll be surprised to see that even when things are bad you don´t get so down like you used to because you have connected the componets that not only helped you find happiness but also helped you get stronger .

So make the connections , there´s no need to rush to finish a progress but there has to be rush to start it , time´s passing and we´re getting older , we shouldn´t waste opportunities like these because we never know when that clock of ours is gonna stop .

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

where peace is born

Child prostitution rises , the toys in the stores are not bought anymore
unemployment rises , inside that kitchen closet there´s very little
murder rises ,  men let go their values and grabbed guns
misery rises , about 5 million children cry because of hunger everytime we laugh
anger rises , for each mind there´s 3 million thoughts and 2/3 of them are bad thoughts .

health care decreases , teenagers and children roam the streets searching for drugs
Love decreases , 10 billion of " I love you " are said everyday all around the word and not even 10% of them are true
Security decreases , not even the sun light is able to prevent things that shouldn´t be exposed to our eyes
the right to live decreases , while we have 24 hours tomorrow , many people won´t have . 

will you have peace ?
peace isn´t born in the world
it has to be born in you
if you only have eyes for the world out there 
you´ll just  be one more of them .

the scars of the brave and the shame of the coward

Sometimes it just seems to be the end 
the end of every good thing we had
Sometimes we just feel like things will never be all right again 
we try and we try but tears keep falling 
it´s not much the tears that make us weak , it´s what causes the tears to fall
crying doesn´t solve anything but it sure is a way of comforting ourselves
and Sometimes we get so weak that we can´t even face a little problem without crying 

As I said , crying doesn´t solve anything but it is a way of comforting ourselves but does it really help ?
how long we been comforting ourselves ?
2 days ? 2 weeks ? 2 months ? 2 years ? our entire life ?
I think we should close our eyes for a moment and try to find the source that causes all the tears to fall
once we find it , we can start facing it , but no more tears now , no more comfort , the comforting times had their chance , now it´s time to give the facing times a chance !

you can get all the hands of the world when you need but if you don´t face the problem on your own , you´ll never get over it , it´s a battle , a battle that only we can fight , nobody can do it for us , ´cause they have their own battles too . we gotta believe and try , if we don´t believe no matter how hard we try , how much we sacrifice ourselves , we´ll not be able to get over it but if we believe we can get anything we want so don´t be a coward that only tries once and then gives up , try one , try two , try three , try how many times you have to , a coward is not the one that fails , a coward is the one that gives up .
A coward gives up and runs away with no scars and the brave fight and fight hard and sometimes they fall but they rise up again till they win the battle and in the end they got scars but those are scars of victory , the coward that ran away doesn´t have any scars but he also doesn´t know the taste of victory .

you have a choice to make , be a coward one or be a brave one .
which one you think is best ??
Think about it 
you can win as long as you believe , try and never give up .
it won´t take you your whole life to get over something maybe it won´t even take weeks
maybe it´ll take less time than you can imagine
so give it a try , I´m sure you won´t regret .

Saturday, November 12, 2011

all the strength that is inside of us

How many of you get angry really easily with people or even with yourselves ??
and all that anger makes you think about bad things and it makes you wanna do bad things , if we all did what these bad thoughts want us to do , the world would be a lot worst than it is now but it´s not the world outside that suffers because of all your anger , it´s the world you got inside right ? so why you keep feeding those bad thoughts ? their only job is to destroy you , some of you may get the feeling that all that anger makes you stronger , well that´s a sensation that anger causes at the moment but it´s only temporary , which means it´s all an illusion , anger doesn´t make you stronger , on the contrary it makes you weaker , how to discover if that´s true ??  well think about it , if that anger made you so strong at some particular moment how come you fell for the same thing some time later ?? ...... See it didn´t make you stronger , it made you blind .

if you´re locked in a mental cell full of bad thoughts , you should know that you got the key to open it and walk away from all that , you´re the only one who can do that , you ever heard that money doesn´t bring you happiness ? .... it´s true , and not only money , you can have the best life anyone could have , have everything you want , go to all the places you want but if you don´t get rid of things that only exist to destroy your inside you´ll never be happy because happiness is not something that comes from the outside , it comes from the inside and is reflected on the outside .

You got all the strength you need , if you feel like you don´t then perhaps you should pay more attention to your inside , maybe it´s screaming to you , trying to tell you that you got the strength but you don´t  listen to it , so listen to it , in fact that´s what we all should do , pay attention and listen to things that are good for us , not the ones that are bad . you got all the strength , so use it :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011


how many times a day do you find yourself being negative? how many times a day do you find yourself thinking about bad things? a lot right ? to some people negativeness and bad thoughts are a huge problem , to others not so much but eveybody is bombed with negativeness and bad thoughts almost everyday . how many of you young or old have dreams ? and you tell them to your parents or to your friends and they always say no , they always say you can´t , that you dream too big , they always say never . To some of you what people think and say means a lot  but what about what you think and what you say ?? have you ever stopped to think that the negative things people say to you is not what makes you be negative ?? what makes you be negative is letting what they think and  say control your inside . If now you realise that happens to you then you should start doing something about it . when something negative comes to your mind because of worriness or because nothing seems to work well for you or anything else , just give that negative thought a positive answer , always respond to it positively and stick to it , don´t give up . and when somebody says something negative to you , don´t give it too much thought , actually don´t give it any thought at all , Some people think that only because they can´t get rid of something bad inside or because they can´t get something they want , that everybody is gonna be unable as well but it´s not true , I know you can get everything you want but first you gotta start from the beginning , never feed negative or bad thoughts , they come even if we don´t want to so when they come respond to them positively and when you hear someone say something negative to you , just think about what I told you , just because they can´t doesn´t mean you can´t . I know you can ,  you gotta start seeing that now .

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

what is fear ??

Fear is something that is born when we come to this world , of course there´s nothing we can do about it when we are babies but as we age and mature we can get rid of it .
Fear is already inside of us before something bad comes and gets us scared, worried  or negative but we only see it when they happen .

Fear is fear
there´s no little fear or big fear
weather it´s towards a harmless animal or a catastrophic asteroid coming to earth
it´s the same thing
because it´s fear
the only thing that changes is the source of that fear 
when you find peace within , you see that fear is there but you can get rid of it
if you find peace inside of you
there can be war all around you
that you will still be in peace 
peace is what´s within
a lotta people must think they got peace inside but they don´t , you know why ??
because it takes only a little problem to get them afraid , angry , worried etc .
your peace shouldn´t depend on the good moments life gives you
It´s gotta depend on you , only on you 
take a fictionary example of someone that lives his entire life without having any problems and having everything he wants and needs but it takes only a little problem to erase all that peace he thought he had , you know why sometimes something bad comes and it erases all that peace and love and other things that we had ?? it´s because we never had them , everything good we got inside can never be erased . So peace is not the good and peaceful moments life gives us , Peace is what we build ourselves by getting rid of anger , worriness , negativeness and many more things that only exist to destroy our beautiful inside .

So don´t seek peace in the good moments life gives you , seek peace within .